Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fata Morgana

a giggle

gathers mirth

on its tumble

to full bodied laughter

winter rays

bend light

a blind kiss

in an unplowed lot

May bows to December

red rustles ancestral dreams

blue vibrates with bold pleasure

green inhales deep memory

yellow jiggles the holy yolk

December arcs to May

outside the visible spectrum

the marsh marigold

signals a prudent bee’s

dizzying descent

a common barn swallow

flares his chestnut collar

in an eternal dance

As May bends to December

and back again

light spreads

you mean to say

that fata morgana

is mirage?


Maithri said...

Gabrielle this is glorius!

A rainbow of light connecting winter and summer....

There is no illusion in this....

The light is everywhere...

Kissing us with an understanding of the spectrum of humanity...

As a new day breaks...

I bow to your beauty my friend
and send you my deep, enduring love,


the walking man said...

Longfellow would be proud.

I do so hope that spring is no mirage, even though that sooty Phil from Punxstawny says it is.

Dianne said...

don't worry walking man - Chuck from Staten Island says spring is on its way - plus Chuck bit the mayor so you know he knows what he's doing

gabrielle - the cadence of this poem made me happy - reading it aloud to myself filled me with joy

thank you

gabrielle said...

Maithri - As you know this was written in honor of your upcoming journey to Swaziland. It is a poem about expanding the visible spectrum. Which you do in your loving and in your living. Thank you for the inspiration.

the walking man - I am so honored that you liked the poem. spring is on it's way. and winter is good.

Dianne - I'm glad Morgana made you happy. It's a rolling down the knoll kind of poem.