Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

"The question is: Where would it get you if something that's a little bit ambiguous in the movie is made clear? It doesn't get you anywhere." Joel Coen

Because I don’t think there’s such a thing as denouement, that twisted plots can be tidily wrapped and character flaws showered with last rites. Because all things have a trailing fragrance, the loosed strands meet again in new configurations and each undoing leads to the next holy thing.

I am a believer in this: that it is what we bring to each moment that makes meaning. Do you fight, do you run, do you try to appease, do you bargain, do you refuse to play?

the crazy lady

she’s out there

screaming obscenities

shedding sweaters


and aphorisms




in the

daily yeast


anthonynorth said...

An interesting take on denouement.

the walking man said...

Put the crazy lady in office and let the yeast rise as it will. That is sufficient wrap up for these times.

Luther James Spells said...

I search for the context to which it applies to diversity or equality. You have a wonderful way with expression.

Sue said...

fabulous! I utterly agree.

Raven said...

"it is what we bring to each moment that makes meaning." Amen. Love the poem.

I wish the Coen brothers had more of a sense of denouement in their movies. I alwas find them to have good ideas which they don't really know what to do with. (That's an awful sentence but I'm too lazy to fix it.)

SandyCarlson said...

It sure does! I liked your take on this. Things unwind, unravel, unfold as we let them.

Jim said...

Gabriell, that's moi!! To a tee!

Out there screaming!
--obscenities I don't do:
--shedding sweaters socks, I've been told that before--you name it--I'd hang up my clothes. Socks too I guess;
--and aphorisms, I really don't care for these (Besides, no great poet ever sees things as they really are. If he did he would cease to be a poet. Oscar Wilde said this about artists.);
--(but)truth rises randomly, if I ever tell it; and
--in the daily yeast? I don't do that bread stuff either .
--See, it fits me perfect!!

Tumblewords: said...

I love this piece - and your narrative -

gabrielle said...

anthony north - thank you. I enjoyed yours too.

the walking man - I think we can do worse and have

Luther James Spells - the crazy lady doesn't have the answers or if she does, she isn't saying. sifting through her ramblings is just too tedious,. The word postracial has been widely used to describe this presidency, this moment in time. In my opinion, it is wishful thinking to believe that we can expunge the stain of slavery so effortlessly. We are inextricably bound to each other in a matrix of violence unless and until we can talk about those things that are deep and ugly.

Sue - I know you do. I read your poem. It was wonderful.

Raven - It’s true. The Coen Brothers have no reverence for structure. But I have grown accustomed to the comfort of chaos.

Sandy Carlson – Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do to stay out of the way and allow things to unfold.

Jim - I’m glad you found yourself in these ramblings. No poet ever sees things as they really are. Isn’t that why we keep writing?

Tumblewords – thank you. I love the delicacy of your work.

Greyscale Territory said...

I believe I agree with you about denouement. In many ways, my resting rusted tractor in my post represents that "lingering fragrance".

Beautiful poem!

lissa said...

I think you're right, there's no definite ends to anything and even some endings leaves us wondering

Luther James Spells said...

My Dear Gabrielle,
I invite you to visit and read my blog if you would like to envision those darker uglier subjects society would rather have swept under rugs. I live an extremely diverse life having been fortunate to view things from many perspectives. Some not very pleasant; some euphoric. I try to exhibit within my poetry the inner soul of my experiences and project them through verse. I suffer. I marvel. I love life. As I saunter in my final stages of life, I foresee new perspectives and new opportunities to share this struggle. I hope you can read my work and see it as a reflection into my inner being and relate to it from outside the box. Please take a minute to stop in and say hello. I value your opinons and insights.

Quiet Paths said...

Wow, this is really along the lines I considered this prompt - does it exist and if it does you won't like the looks of it. Great job.

if said...

I agree with the idea...

Patti said...

I so agree that plots can't be tidily wrapped up. I like the idea of trailing ends meeting up again, making something a little different. Interesting .... thanks~