Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stone fruit

Thanks to Geraldine of Poetic Paths for this week’s prompt, fragrance. Be sure to spend time at all the poets’ roosts, drinking in their words.

Stone fruit

You have heard
about such things
shamans, midwives
reaching in with the blades
of their hands
pulling up
the size of pomelos

one day it came to her
as she was shelling peas
now that the flesh
was falling away
and the lining
of what had defined her
was shaved to its pith.

(just how unbound
she was. )

she reached into her belly
and pulled out a stone
still warm
wrapped it in parchment
and buried it like
the dead sea scrolls

a girl
coarse plaited hair
and anthracite eyes
toes dug into the slope of summer
spied it among the seaweed
at neap tide

restless fingers traced the grooves
the fragrance of apricot,
Darjeeling tea
it was then
that she caught
a first glimpse of
on the mountain top.


Sweetest in the Gale said...

This was so beautiful...the imagery was so ripe and rich with the earth and life. Just gorgeous!

Quiet Paths said...

There are so many levels to this piece I am going to have to re read it for the third time. It is truly a jewel.

spacedlaw said...

What a strange story, a little horrific in its poetry.

Luther James Spells said...

Wonderful images. I loved it!

Sue said...

very mystical. I especially like the beginning, with the reference to midwives and shamans.

Jim said...

How sad it must be. I have heard of the predicament you described. You carried it here to a final resolution.
And then the finder of the disposed object, her feelings at first.
But then when bizzare things come to light I'd rather have lemon curd just outside my purview, no frangipane for me. :-)

gabrielle said...

Thank you all for your patience and your interest with Stone Fruit.

I can see how some of the references in this poem can be cryptic and even frightening. It is not about illness or suffering, but rather depicts a moment in time when a woman realizes she is no longer bound to the gravitational tug of tidal cycles. This allows her to deliver the gift of her years to a young girl who is just coming of age.

SandyCarlson said...

What a gorgeous blend of natural beauty and folklore. Lovely.

Jeeves said...

This is really nice. Sometimes horrific, sometimes nature. End of it beautiful description.

Amias said...

Beautiful ... I love the beginning most of all.

totomai said...

its a sad poem but it was a noteworthy read.

Jim said...

Thanks Gabrielle. Your comment did give closure here as I was imagining some very disturbing illness for your lady.
Instead you have written a sweet and beautiful account of the changing physiology of womanhood.
I still do like lemon curd better than frangipane. Besides my dermatologist's diagnosis of severe dermatology and my combined allergy and ex-smoker , my colonoscopy doctor (interologist) has taken me off nuts.
Caveat Emptor: The above situation is true. Not everything I tell in my 'poems' alluding to personal situations are true for me, Jim.
There is also another fictional 'me' lurking in the back of my mind who sometimes directs my writing thoughts for first person tales.

lissa said...

a wonderful journal to finding something sweet, long buried but still hold time's fragrance

my favorite line is "toes dug into the slope of summer"

qualcosa di bello said...

your words are so ripe & full of life's abundance...this was a glorious thing to read

Tammie Lee said...

thank you for the poetic journey. Your words make me sigh sweetly.


Bobbie Sandlin said...

I love this:
she reached into her belly
and pulled out a stone
still warm
wrapped it in parchment
and buried it like
the dead sea scrolls

This poem is beautiful!

Tumblewords: said...

The crone speaks with the stone of fruit! I love this. The rhythm and imagery are full of power and mysticism.

the walking man said...

The passing of the knowledge from the aged to be found easily by the young at the right time. I like this very much. All things in due course.

Maithri said...

Glorious words, Beautiful images,

I can smell the frangipanni on the mountain top my sister,

The world is moving towards unboundedness,

Much love,


Patti said...

I re read this a few times and each time found a different layer...beautifully written!

Devotica said...


thanks : )

Poetikat said...

My goodness, Gabrielle! Am I following you? If I'm not, I'm out of my mind! This is incredible. I loved it and will now be reading it again (and again). I would be pleased if you would read my earlier piece here:


I'll be back!


Maggie said...

It is a wonderful thing to see ourself at any age as none other may have that pleasure except during the first harvest.

Loved this poem

Devotica said...

thank you,Gabrielle

your words are rather pristine,vivid and angelic

if said...

so original and powerful words!

Anonymous said...

beautifully said...

i love following your blog...

Raven said...

Exquisite... I have not checked in for way too long.

Anonymous said...

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