Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Henri le Chat Noir

 Written for Raven's Worzzle.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge:  ennui, stars, salivate, charisma, perpetual, stupid, measurement, triangle, obsession, bother  And for the mini: gross, glorious, red ribbon, keys, sharp
This wordzzle was inspired by Henri le chat noir who ponders the meaning of life.
A triangle lies on one side while its hypotenuse sags from the weight of  pretense.”  A quote attributed to Henri le chat.

Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Filmed in atmospheric black and white, this clip feature the world-weary and cynical Henri, a terribly serious little cat who reflects upon the ennui of modern life with resigned, existentialist despair. In French. With subtitles. 
Earned first place in first international cat video film festival, 2012.  Minneapolis, MN.  USA


J’entend les mots
Du chat Henri
What is this life
But rank ennui?

A bald cadence
Where obsessions reign
Stupid, ancient
Glorious ,vain.

Of gross demeanor
Futile now as
Hearts grow leaner

The knife is sharp
The keys are flat
According to
One weary cat

Why all this bother
To salivate
Cold fish again
Predictably late.

A frizzed red ribbon
Catnip filled mice
Glittery balls
Meant to entice

Charisma, swag
So overrated
Moi, je prefere
What’s understated

But I grow tired
Of all this rhyme
Perpetual  iamb
And metered time

The languid rays
Of morning light
Disturb a nap
Bring back the night!

J’entend les mots
Du chat Henri
The stars go darK


Emma said...

I enjoyed the rhyme in the stanzas.

gabrielle said...

merci, mon cheri!