Thursday, August 22, 2013

a split of glow

Melfi wanted Tony to avenge her after the rape
She knew that he was her only hope--
(But then she knew that early in the game)

When her kit was “misplaced”
And the brute was released
She realized that polite
Was a checked cage
And professional code
would not contain her rage

I tell you now
I wanted him to hold me
 after the blow
He touched my arm meek
And warned me the neighbor was about
(But then I knew this early in the game)

Cold comfort
Cold comfort
Cold comfort
I write this
3 times in the dark

From where I sit,
I can see mothy leaves
And a split
Of glow.

Cold comfort
cold comfort.


Kay L. Davies said...

Solemn, with food for thought.

gabrielle said...

Thank you Kay for reading and responding. Yes, there is a story behind this.

Anonymous said...

that is it!

gabrielle said...

Thanks, Sandra for visiting. And thanks for your encouragement.