Monday, January 4, 2010

Light without body

Haiku Bones: "Electrifying"

Secure every lock
Light without body, Issa
disturbs cold night air


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Very cool! Thanks for participating in Haiku Bones.

gabrielle said...

Thanks, Nancy. Here I was imaging how sweet the air smells after a summer storm. The same is true for poetry. A few well chosen words can soften the hardest heart.

Jim said...

This is nice, Gabielle. Are you an Issa fan. I have not read any of his haiku.
I have done both prompts again this week as you did.

Anonymous said...

Are you invoking a particular Issa haiku? Shall I go find it? I like how you started with a command, bringing your reader to an immediate alertness. Thank you for this.

Yousei Hime

gabrielle said...

Thank you, Jim. I’ve enjoyed your entries on both sites. As a relative newcomer to haiku form, I am drawn to reading some of the traditional masters. I love how a delicate brushstroke of seasons and senses can evoke a trembling just below the surface.

Hi, tasmith. Thank you for your interest! I am glad to hear the first line was effective. I like Issa for his vulnerability, personal reflection and gentle humor. There are two poems whose imagery and sensibility inspired "Light without body".

The moon and the flowers,
forty-nine years,
walking around, wasting time.

Crescent moon--
bent to the shape
of the cold.

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

liked this haiku and the origami poem too!