Monday, February 1, 2010


This piece is inspired by Cecelia, my mother in law, who continues to amaze and enliven everyone she touches. Even as traces of her memory evaporate, her essence continues to delight.

Many in the blogging community are familiar with our family’s ongoing encounter with Alzheimers. Cecilia is now in a facility close to home where she is safe and well cared for. When we were preparing her new room, I went back to find her lipstick. I knew she would be looking for it. No matter how she is feeling, Cecilia always puts her best face forward.

Her indomitable spirit refuses to be circumscribed by circumstance, odds, “professional” advice or her adult children. She rises to every moment and meets it with dignity, intelligence, love and humor. In her own words, she “outfoxes” us. She is one of those rare souls who truly acts "as if", and in so doing, " becomes", blowing the curve of despair.


she reaches for her lipstick
the light is dim
her lips even the color
a poem
she knows
by memory

she is
blowing the curve
at a time


Greyscale Territory said...

Love thr ironic twist at the end! Well paced!

anthonynorth said...

One day at a time - trhat's how most of us continue. Great words.

the walking man said...

Right on day at a time take the arc away from them who would be dominant.

if said...

I love this..I admire her...slow steps full of courage...

Raven said...

Beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about Cecilia and glad too that she is doing so well. My mother had dementia and.... I hope that you mother-in-law continues to "blow the curve" and that you have many shining moments still to come.

Patti said...

Yup - one day at a time- that is all we have isn't it? My mom was like that with the lipstick- always had to have it and her nail polish. Nice tribute to Cecilia~

zoya gautam said...

a beautifully caring poem


SisterJulia said...

Such a beautiful post!

her lips even the color
a poem
she knows
by memory

There is so much held in familiar movements
Again, Beautiful!

SandyCarlson said...

Go, Cecelia! And as you do, become our heart! Beautiful.

Beth P. said...

I love how you love Cecilia--and honor her spirit, even as it passes through her.

Thank you for this great beauty.

sanjeet said...

trhat's how most of us continue. Great words.

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, and very close to my heart.