Saturday, February 6, 2010

absinthe limbs

Week 98 of Raven’s wordzzle challenge!

This week's words were: treasure chest, idiom, pantry, crippled, baying wolf, wind chill, time, angel, salamander, laundry list
and for the mini: risque, radish, ring tone, ravishing, ruler

Absinthe limbs

Because she was orphaned
she adopted language as mother,
a treasure chest of homonyms.
she was not crippled or foundry
whenever the wind chill plunged
she dipped into her pantry
of ready idiom:
the baying wolf
slaying the angel of time;
the young salamander’s
absent limbs.
a laundry list
of risqué ring tones;
blistering radishes --
early candidates
ravishing any visored ruler.


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Like this very much. Right on the mark.

Raven said...

awesome... I love it that you turn the words into real poetry and not just schlock. Nice to have you back. You and I seem to be the only players this week.

Argent said...

Nope! I'm in too! How anyone could get those words corralled into such a neat poem is beyond me. Great stuff.

Cloudia said...

Well done!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

the walking man said...

I do so love to smooth the ears with well placed verbiage. Orphaned no more, literacy is finding its old home.

sanjeet said...

You and I seem to be the only players this week.

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Anonymous said...
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