Sunday, May 4, 2014

heads or tails

Head or Tails

Each nickeled coin
recalls you

Young drakes
dunk, dive
in predawn sport

Every silvered blade
conjures a pretty bird

Me, I’m brown and mottled   
dabbled in disguise
I secret the reeds
narrow my bore

How well I know
where this all leads

So, sinking the breadth
I snap my muzzled head 
to a puddled trail

Why not
Be in the sloppy
now--no matter how
wet          it is  
better than this

Still         you 
in my wake

beyond belief


Anonymous said...

to me, this has a dreamlike quality that sharpens into a fine point ~

jo-hanna said...
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jo-hanna said...

I couldn't conjure up the image of a slivered blade, as I am stuck at the point of slivered almonds, which doesn't help :-)
silvered possibly? And yes, duck rape, even when brown and mottled. A curiously disturbing poem, well conceived, if you pardon the pun.

Wolfsrosebud said...

.... there are two sides to the coin... nice capture

Marian said...

wow, love this!

colleen said...

You gave us an entry point into the water world of ducks. I feel transported and refreshed.

Laura said...

wonderful contrast between contentment and desire.

Kim Nelson said...

And rather than chance, I think we get to choose sides!

Sumana Roy said...

to be in the sloppy now?...many things to reflect...

Karen said...

This may not be a very articulate or helpful comment, but it's my initial reaction: this is way cool!

Now, I'm back for another read!

Amrit Sinha said...

This is beautiful, smooth. Loved it :-)

Anonymous said...