Tuesday, June 9, 2009


From “Mornings Like This” by Annie Dillard
a book of not quite found poems

Suddenly the green appears on the trees—as if
The green passed silently from one tree to another.

I was smitten by this image of green spreading, life renewing itself.
Here’s a fragment that came to me while contemplating intersections:

sweet clover
to vapor
at sunrise.


Jim said...

Hi Gabrielle, this is neat. A thought that came to me as I read your lines:

tails swat
turning them
to fertilizer
for clover

Raven said...

I love the Annie Dillard found poem... the idea of trees passing green from one to another is very appealing.

I also like your cow poem. I'm assuming it's the sweet clover that turns to vapor, but somehow in my minds eye, its the cows sort of "beaming up" somewhere.

gabrielle said...

Jim - I love how you continued the chain of poetry. Each poem fertilizer for the next.

Raven - thanks you for noticing. cows is intentionally ambiguous. I don't know the answer.
and yes, isn't the found poem stunning?

angie said...

Hello, Gabrielle!
I came over to see if maybe I had switched the babies--it would be entirely like me to notice the tomatoes, first... ;)

I love Annie Dillard and I love your blog. Lots to ponder.

And I can't get the image of your cows out of my mind this morning!

It's nice to meet you...

SandyCarlson said...

My goodness, that ephemeral image you created is beautiful and subtle.

zoya gautam said...

.. an elegant short poem ..

Beth P. said...

There is a connection between intersection and transformation--like the first is the seed of the second, yes?

Lovely poem and liked the quote by Annie Dillard too.

Jeeves said...

Agree with Zoya. Neat and amazing poem..

Poetikat said...

Gabrielle - I love cows. I wasn't raised in the country, but I've always loved them.
I enjoyed the green (piece), but yours was the one that struck me.


P.S. Thanks for your sincere comment on my OSI piece. I really appreciate that.

the walking man said...

Enough sweet clover eaten,
they tell us,
is explosive
when exhaled by cows
in the morning.

NO Smoking in the cow pasture.

Patti said...

I really liked this and I enjoy Annie Dillon as well! Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by!

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely, your thought here and words, lovely.

Reminds me of a first snow fall, the tops of mountains sprayed white and stopping at a line (elevation)- surely the elves simply tired of painting at that point.

Thank you for taking my OSI in; so deeply and sweetly~

Tumblewords: said...

This piece is peaceful and natural. Nice work!

Luther James Spells said...

You help me prepare for lights out my dear. Your words relax my tensions.
Green to black
I open up
Ease inside
Tin cup peace
I drift to sleep

DeLi said...

i imagine your poem as i always am travelling and passing by in such scence..no clover of course..but there were lots of greens joining and holding on to the mist as the sun rises

JP/deb said...

Love how you blend the words of Dillard with your own sentiments.