Saturday, June 20, 2009


Week 68 of Raven’s Wordzzle Challenge!!! Please visit Raven’s Nest to join in the delight.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: sow, close, console, lives, minute, polish, bass, pussy, complex, resume

For the mini challenge: bow, sewer, house, import, intern

My mega offering:


To whom it may concern:

having lived many lives

it’s hard to know what to highlight

tell you what,

I’ll open up my house

to you and the intern

we can sit by the console,

drink in the deep bass

of Jacqueline’s bow

quivering on the bridge.

Maybe it will rain

and drops will glide

along the beveled glass

we are at the crossroads

two pussy cats in residence

Gwendolyn, the philosopher

runs perpendicular to convention

Achat’s insistent brush strokes

course parallel to desire

I’ll serve eau de ville

with a squeeze of lemon.

the sewer is sound

and imports

spring fed water.

Evelyn has sowed seeds in close rows

the basil is thriving

in the undiluted minutes

I warn you

nothing is polished

but everything is plenty

and we can reduce the complex

to a slow simmer.

References upon request


Dr.John said...

What a great idea.And you used the words so well. It just seems right.

DawnTreader said...

I liked your poem!

Raven said...

Brilliant. You never cease to awe me with your talent.

Beth P. said...

You're hired.

Richard said...

Nicely done! It would only be poetic justice if you were hired to write other people's resumes.

Heather said...

May I come to your house now to enjoy the setting. very nice.

the watercats said...

Time was suspended for a moment while I read your perfect lines.. :-D Thank you

CJ said...

Lovely poem.

Stephen said...

The poem was very nice and very descriptive, with a dreamlike quality.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

bettygram said...

Your poem was inviting.

gabrielle said...

You are all invited!